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Paul Perez, DDS,
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“He was amazing!!! I will be recommending him to everyone. His staff was excellent as well, they were very helpful and made sure I was ok throughout my entire visit."

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When should I bring my child in for his or her first visit?

You should ideally bring your baby in for his first dental check up as soon as that first tooth erupts, or by the age of one, whichever happens first. Now the good news: this will be a very short appointment as far as your baby is concerned. Your dentist will take a quick look to make sure everything is healthy, so it will not be the long, torturous event you may have been dreading. You’ll likely be able to hold your baby during the appointment, for extra comfort and security.

This appointment is mostly for your own education, since you will be #1 caretaker of your baby’s teeth for these next few years. Your dentist will teach you how to brush baby’s teeth and how much toothpaste to use. At the end, you will even get a little goodie bag with baby toothpaste and toothbrush.

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