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Should I get dental treatment when I am pregnant?

This is a tricky question, since what dental treatment is safe depends on your existing oral health and the effects it can have on your baby. Regular cleanings are safe for pregnant women during most of the pregnancy, and especially the second trimester. Of course, experts strongly suggest skipping the X-rays this go ‘round to avoid any radiation making its way to your little one.

However, if there are more serious dental issues going on – for example, if you need a root canal or filling – the infection can actually pose a risk to you and baby both. Treatment may be indicated, in the form of antibiotics or otherwise. In this case, your dentist will make a collaborative effort with your OB-GYN to ensure that you get the safest and best care for you and your baby. This will also help you decide if the procedure should be done immediately, or if you can safely wait for your precious bundle of joy to arrive first.

We dentists need to know if you are expecting, breastfeeding, or post-partum. This is a very relevant part of your medical history, and it will help us better treat you.

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