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What is a sealant?

Prevention is always the best way to approach dentistry because preventing a problem is less costly and invasive than treating a condition. Decay is no exception.

Some people are more prone to decay than others. Diet, genetics, home care habits, and how often you visit the dentist can all play a role in your likelihood of developing decay. For some people with deep grooves in their teeth that cannot be reached with a toothbrush, we recommend the added protection of dental sealants.

Sealants work by filling in the crevasses on the chewing surfaces of the teeth and creating a barrier between your tooth and decay-causing bacteria. The application is fast and comfortable and can effectively protect teeth for up to five years, when we can replace them. Sealants are tooth-colored, and we paint them onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth. They harden and are not noticeable to others. You will not need anesthetic because they are painless. They are significantly less expensive than fillings! 

When people think of sealants, they often think they are just for kids. Adults, however, can also benefit from decay-preventing sealants, especially if they have a history of decay or drink acidic soft drinks, energy drinks, or juice. 

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