Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Dental staining and discoloration is a very common cosmetic concern for many patients who walk in our door. The staff at Avenue Family Dentistry understands the importance of a healthy, beautiful, confident smile. We have a great option to getting you a brighter, whiter smile with instant gratification!

Zoom! Whitening products have a reputation for producing optimal results in a short amount of time. For your convenience, we offer both in-office power whitening treatments and customized take-home kits. After a Zoom! treatment, you walk out of the office feeling like new.

In-office Power Whitening and Customized Take-Home Kits

In-office power whitening is a quick, gratifying approach to whitening. We begin the appointment with a cleaning in order to get all the plaque removed from your teeth. This ensures that the in-office bleaching will yield the best possible results. Our dental team will take all measures to protect your gums so the bleaching gel won’t irritate sensitive tissue. Next, Zoom! whitening gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth and use the Zoom! light to create results that are six to eight shades brighter.

After this treatment, we will fabricate custom take-home whitening trays so you can maintain that brighter smile.

Please contact our New Orleans, LA dental office and we will be happy to make an appointment to answer your questions about teeth whitening as well as other appropriate cosmetic dental treatments.